Price is what You pay, Value is what You get."
Warren E. Buffett

About us

Isolagra is a successfully operated family business in the 2nd generation. With pride we look back on our founding in 1986. In our 30 year history countless projects have been creating a proven track record. We are Value Investors, while we see ourselves as long-term and strategic partners.


The volatility of the markets is not as a risk but an opportunity. We invest heavily and do not think in quarters but in generations.





One of our first projects, a greenhouse, was established on a sight of about 30.000 square meter in the desert of Saudi-Arabia.

Isolagra Investments in Erneuerbare Energien

Renewable Energy

Since 1986 we are part of the energy revolution as project developers. Whether photovoltaic, wind or water power, with our partners, we are setting new standards in the development and operation of power plants. The quality of the components used is of substantial importance to a long-term guarantee as well as to ensure the sustainability of the projects.

Isolagra Value Investing

Value Investing

Our investment philosophy follows consistently the Value Investing style of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.
Therefore, we are investing in undervalued quality companies with a margin of safety. This gives us the advantage to remain calm even in difficult situations. Our selection of investments can be described accordingly to Buffett`s characteristics as follows: "We only invest in a company if we
(1)   understand the company's business,
(2)   the long-term prospects of the company are good (proven and long-term profitability, good returns on
 invested capital, little or  no debt, attractive businessmodel)
(3)   the company is managed by competent and honest managers and
(4)   is very attractively valued. "
Isolagra Direkte Investments

Direct Investments

Our investments in the area of corporate participation (Direct Investments) can be described by the following criteria.
(1)   we are looking for companies with proven earnings power (here we do not care for future predictions)
(2)   companies generate high returns on invested capital and thereby require little to nodebt
(3)   managing director must be present
(4)   a sales price must be called
Isolagra Investments in Erneuerbare Energien

Alternative Investments

Isolagra sees alternative investments as a long-term addition to the portfolio. We focus primarily on investments which are uncorrelated with the market. Again, it always comes back to inefficiencies, which will allow us to achieve attractive returns.
Isolagra Investments in Erneuerbare Energien

Water Purification

Pure water supply will be one of the most challenging topics in the future. We can provide safe access to drinking water worldwide. With our partners, we are utilizing a new technology that allows a lasting solution to the problem.


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